Obl.ong General Meeting on March 10th, 3pm (utc-6)

Hello Ovals -

I am proud to announce that the first ever Obl.ong General Meeting will be held on 2024-03-10T20:00:00Z!

We will be establishing Obl.ong’s nonprofit bylaws, as well as holding elections for the Steering Committee which will be the core leadership team for Obl.ong. Additionally, we will also plan the future of v2 and mailboxes!

RSVP: Obl.ong General Meeting - Mobilizon

Full agenda: Obl.ong general meeting planning - #3 by alex

Meeting link: Jitsi Meet

I hope to see you there!


Also, please help us plan the meeting at Obl.ong general meeting planning

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Hey y’all - here is the RSVP link for the meeting so I can get a tally on who can make it: