Obl.ong general meeting planning

Topics to discuss

[Note: This post is a wiki! Feel free to edit it to add something you’d like to see discussed.]

  • Establishing bylaws & membership for the Organization
  • Establishing and voting for the Steering Committee (Board of Directors)
  • Forming committees/organizational structure & establishing regular meetings for community-lead development of Obl.ong projects.
  • Discussing panel v2! Overall initial scope, panel rebrand, first cycle work, architecture, etc.
  • Potential (possibly paid) mailbox service (full webmail smtp/imap) (@david)
  • Financial review, budget, and potential fundraising drive
  • Documentation (docs.obl.ong)
  • WriteFreely instance for blogs (@david)
  • Fediverse (Mastodon/Akkoma?) instance (@alex)
  • Bandcamp (@youngchief)
  • Mobilizon instance to get off of mobilizon.fr (@reesericci)
  • Long-term, moving off @reesericci’s closet server and onto something more resilient
  • An easy, clear way to report abuse, like a fillout form (@david)
  • Discussing the potential of getting another domain for allowing non-nonprofits to use our service (thanks PIR) as well as generally handling the new changes
  • Auditing and auditing software