Obl.ong general meeting planning

Hello All -

I’m thinking of hosting the first Obl.ong general meeting within the next month or so. This thread is for planning out the agenda, date, time, location, etc. The meeting is also necessary to bring us further in compliance with the .ONG TLD guidelines stating that organizations must operate in a formal way.

The meeting will be establishing Obl.ong’s future as an organization and project. I hope you will join us!

Anybody who has an obl.ong domain is eligible to join us.

If you have any thoughts about this or want to help plan, stick around in the comments below!



Topics to discuss

[Note: This post is a wiki! Feel free to edit it to add something you’d like to see discussed.]

  • Establishing bylaws & membership for the Organization
  • Establishing and voting for the Steering Committee (Board of Directors)
  • Forming committees/organizational structure & establishing regular meetings for community-lead development of Obl.ong projects.
  • Discussing panel v2! Overall initial scope, panel rebrand, first cycle work, architecture, etc.
  • Potential (possibly paid) mailbox service (full webmail smtp/imap) (@david)
  • Financial review, budget, and potential fundraising drive
  • Documentation (docs.obl.ong)
  • WriteFreely instance for blogs (@david)
  • Fediverse (Mastodon/Akkoma?) instance (@alex)
  • Bandcamp (@youngchief)
  • Mobilizon instance to get off of mobilizon.fr (@reesericci)
  • Long-term, moving off @reesericci’s closet server and onto something more resilient
  • An easy, clear way to report abuse, like a fillout form (@david)
  • Discussing the potential of getting another domain for allowing non-nonprofits to use our service (thanks PIR) as well as generally handling the new changes
  • Auditing and auditing software

In terms of dates -

A sizable chunk of the potential core team is going to be in the same area/meeting up for a conference the weekend of Feb 10th and I think it would make sense to host it in-person either at the venue or at a separate location (to allow for other Obl.ong members in the area to join potentially).

This would allow us to host a hybrid virtual & in-person event that could be more enjoyable than just virtual.


cc @steering_committee

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Just looking at scheduling:

I’m thinking this could be a virtual event hosted at 2024-02-24T18:00:00Z. Does this seem like a reasonable time?

cc @steering_committee

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@trust_level_0 pinging everyone

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That didn’t work, do you have pings enabled for the group?
You can check at /g/trust_level_0/manage/interaction.


Whoops, my bad - thanks for the catch. Let’s try this again:



Collides with a potential meeting I have tomorrow (Burrow). :frowning:

It’s not happening tomorrow regardless because I got no replies about whether the time would work for people and thus never actually scheduled the meeting and gave no notice.

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@trust_level_0 pick a time

Alright y’all -

here’s a when2meet link, can you please fill out your availability:


Looks like 2024-03-10T20:00:00Z is going to be the time that ends up working for most people - going to make an announcement now


I’d like to sign up to help maintain the WF instance