Suggestion: back button in UI

I was experimenting with the site (and requested a subdomain! woohoo!), and although I instinctively pressed the icon, I think that a “back” button would be very fitting for the UI. Otherwise, it could potentially be confusing for new users who don’t know about clicking the icon.

Do you have any idea where the button would go? Also, there’s a back button in your browser and you instinctively pressed the logo which I think most people do.

I’d think that it should be similar to this back button (fits in)

That wouldn’t work for the domain page though

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I don’t think a back button really belongs in the UI. Pretty sure it’s not confusing to hit the Oblong logo area. Haven’t had anyone be confused so far. That or they use the browser’s back button. Maybe we can integrate with the web history API?

Why do we need the web history API when rails isn’t an SPA framework?

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I wasn’t saying we need to. I was just saying if we really wanted an SPA-like back button experience then we might as well us the web history API. Personally, I don’t think we need it, as it’s not confusing to hit the Oblong logo. It’s pretty intuitive.

Ah, I see what you’re saying now. I think that I’m going to close this as a wontfix. Thanks for the suggestion however @py660 !