Restructuring ideas

This summer, I want to take the time to get the org in shape. I think the best way this can happen is through a set of bylaws amendments that grants more executive power to the board, with member recourse, rather than being a member-lead organization. I think this organization as member-lead doesn’t work because we’re not a community, we’re a service - we function much more like a co-op or credit union. People will still be able to submit pull requests, chat, etc etc. I’ll still try to have open planning calls, but the board will be able to make executive decisions much more easily as that is what needs to be done in my opinion to make this org functional.


Like I want to restructure as a public utility, where people can get involved if they want - but it’s geared towards very few people being involved

I think I’m going to take a lot of bylaws inspo from electrical & other consumer co-ops

Sounds interesting!

I think it’s worth

  • Create a Chat for the Organization in Matrix

  • make conference attendance optional, but maintaining the obligation of participants to develop a non-profit organization

  • completely remove the organization from Github

  • stop using Postmark

  1. Yeah fair but also this forum is prolly fine
  2. I forget why we still have stuff there but yeah I agree
  3. Postmark is great