Moving away from GitHub

GitHub is really not ideal for hosting a community project like as a proprietary platform owned by the devil (Microsoft).

I was thinking we could migrate to Codeberg, and in the meantime put up the README segment on Give Up Github:

README segment

Note: we encourage you to add the below to your existing on your GitHub project.

== We’re Using GitHub Under Protest ==

This project is currently hosted on GitHub. This is not ideal; GitHub is a
proprietary, trade-secret system that is not Free and Open Souce Software
(FOSS). We are deeply concerned about using a proprietary system like GitHub
to develop our FOSS project. We have an
open {bug ticket, mailing list thread, etc.} where the
project contributors are actively discussing how we can move away from GitHub
in the long term. We urge you to read about the
Give up GitHub campaign from
the Software Freedom Conservancy to understand
some of the reasons why GitHub is not a good place to host FOSS projects.

If you are a contributor who personally has already quit using GitHub, please
check this resource for how to send us contributions without
using GitHub directly.

Any use of this project’s code by GitHub Copilot, past or present, is done
without our permission. We do not consent to GitHub’s use of this project’s
code in Copilot.


Codeberg looks really nice, def +1 on moving

What about self hosting? Like on Forgejo

We could but I don’t want to lose the code lol, but also my server already hosts the app – idk I also kinda want a community

I wrote up a resolution for this, what are y’all’s thoughts?

Give up Github Resolution

WHEREAS, GitHub is a proprietary platform owned by Microsoft, a company historically unwelcoming to open-source projects and nonprofits,

WHEREAS, Trusting GitHub does not seem like a good decision for the future of our community and the long-term accessibility of our code,

WHEREAS, GitHub is no ally of copyleft and our AGPL licensing terms (Give Up GitHub - Software Freedom Conservancy),

WHEREAS, is a nonprofit organization and using GitHub does not align with our values as a for-profit enterprise,

WHEREAS, Codeberg is a code forge governed by a democratic nonprofit organization in line with our values that has proven itself respectable stewards of the Forgejo project and is deeply committed to free software,

THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that shall migrate all of its GitHub repositories, issues, pull requests, and other data to Codeberg. This is to preserve our code and community for the long-term in a nonprofit and democratic organization operated in the public interest (Codeberg e.V.).


A quick summarisation (in informal text)

  • GitHub isn’t open source and owned by Microsoft, a company which isn’t always welcoming to non profits.
  • Trusting GitHub isn’t good long term
  • They aren’t allies with copyleft code
  • is non-profit and GitHub and don’t match the same values
  • Codeberg matches the values of
  • So, will move the code to Codeberg.

Just made this a PR to a new repo:

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