Model/Relations/Policies Architecture

I worked on a flowchart to layout the models and relations that will be used in v2. It feels a little overcomplicated rn, and I’m trying to figure out how to simplify it. Also, I need to figure out how to model “Connections” that is say a Vercel or other hosting/email/etc provider integration.

Here’s the link & I’ve also included a screenshot below (as of posting):


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This includes the issues:


I rethought the custom domains process, and figured it would be much simpler to connect them to individual existing domains, and just have one suffix per instance


Looks fine, just might lead to user confusion.

How would it lead to user confusion? What could be made more understandable?

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From the flowchart, you can understand it two different ways

a) Multiple domains linked as a group, sharing records
b) Multiple domains on an account, not sharing records

I think you can rearrange something in the “User” and “Domain” area, just not sure what. If I understood correctly, B is what we are doing?

Each box is an independent model in the DB, and yes B is what we’re doing

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